Ehsaas Scholarship Program 2023 for Undergraduate Students

In a groundbreaking move, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan, and the Chairman of PTI, has unveiled the “Ehsaas Scholarship Program 2023-24,” a historic initiative aimed at providing educational opportunities to 50,000 students from low-income families who struggle to meet the costs of education, including hostel fees. This program marks a significant milestone in the history of Pakistan and the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and is set to impact the lives of more than 200,000 students over the next four years.

The Struggle for Higher Education in Pakistan

Higher education is often seen as the gateway to breaking the cycle of poverty, especially after completing intermediate education. In Pakistan, only 0.4% of students from middle-class families manage to secure a place in higher education institutions, a figure significantly lower than the national average of 10%. The primary objective of the Ehsaas Scholarship Program is to address this inequality and ensure equal access to education for all.

Online Registration for Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Program 2023

To be eligible for the Ehsaas Scholarship Program, a student’s household annual income must be less than Rs 45,000. The program extends its reach to over 50,000 students from different regions, including AJK, Gilgit Baltistan, Sindh, and Punjab. These students will benefit from full tuition coverage and a monthly stipend of 4,000 rupees ($50), helping them with their living expenses.

Furthermore, the Ehsaas Scholarship Program has been expanded to encompass public universities in Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, with a total investment of Rs. 24 billion. This significant financial commitment is set to uplift the educational prospects of deserving students in these regions. On March 2nd, the Prime Minister will distribute the first phase of this investment to brilliant and deserving students across Pakistan.

Ehsaas Scholarship Program Registration 2023: Empowering Youth

The Ehsaas Scholarship Program aims to create opportunities for the youth, granting them access to higher education and promoting equal educational opportunities for all. Given Pakistan’s vast population, exceeding 220 million, with more than half being of university-going age, the government’s priority is to establish programs that not only offer access to education but also ensure equal rights for all.

A remarkable feature of the Ehsaas Scholarship Program is its emphasis on gender equality, with 50% of the scholarships reserved for women. Each year, 50,000 scholarships will be awarded, leading to a total of 200,000 scholarships over four years. The next phase of the program is set to commence in December 2023, providing aspiring students with an opportunity to apply for the Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship. It is imperative to prepare and submit applications promptly to secure this life-changing opportunity.

Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship: Paving the Way for Deserving Students

The Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship is a monumental achievement, significantly benefitting students from less privileged backgrounds. This program has already made a tremendous impact, awarding scholarships to deserving students in its initial year.

How to Apply for Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship

To apply for the Ehsaas Scholarship Program, visit the official HEC portal at Please ensure that all details in your application are accurate to prevent rejection.

After submitting your online application, it is essential to take a hard copy of the application form and attach the following supporting documents:

  • Copy of applicant CNIC / B. Form
  • Copy of CNIC (Father, Mother/ Guardian)
  • Salary Slip / Income Certificate (Father/Guardian, Mother)
  • If the applicant’s guardian earns a daily wage or is a shopkeeper, a private job holder, or has a family income of less than Rs. 45,000, attach an Income Certificate on a Rs. 50/- stamp paper.
  • Copies of the last six months’ utility bills (electricity, gas, telephone, water) – if applicable
  • Copy of rent agreement in case of a rented house
  • Copies of the last fee receipts of the applicant and siblings – if applicable
  • Copies of medical bills/expenditure-related documents – if applicable
  • 1 passport-sized photograph of the applicant
  • 1 picture of the house from the outside front

Ineligibility Criteria for Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Program 2023

Several criteria render students ineligible for the Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship program:

  • Students enrolled in self-finance or self-support programs.
  • Students already receiving a scholarship or grant from another source.
  • Students engaged in distance learning programs.
  • Students attending evening classes with high fees.
  • Students with family monthly incomes exceeding Rs. 50,000.
  • Students who own property or have alternative means of income.
  • Families with a monthly electricity consumption exceeding 300 units.
  • Children of government employees.

Get ready to embark on an educational journey with the Ehsaas Scholarship Program. Secure your future today!


1. Who is eligible for the Ehsaas Scholarship Program?

To be eligible, a student’s household annual income must be less than Rs 45,000.

2. How can I apply for the Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship?

You can apply online at Make sure your application is accurate to avoid rejection.

3. How many scholarships will be awarded each year?

The program aims to award 50,000 scholarships annually, totaling 200,000 scholarships over four years.

4. What expenses does the scholarship cover?

The scholarship covers full tuition costs and provides a monthly stipend of 4,000 rupees ($50).

5. When does the next phase of the Ehsaas Scholarship Program begin?

The next phase is scheduled to start in December 2023, so prepare your application to seize this opportunity.

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