Government has launched an E-Passport Pakistan – All Information

The E-passport is gradually replacing all other forms of identification for international travel. The government of Pakistan has now released an electronic passport for its people, including those already residing overseas, to make international travel more convenient and secure. By using this soon-to-be-available service in Pakistan, we can learn about the many advantages of electronic passports.

the latest in e-passport news from Pakistan

Previously only available to diplomats and government employees, the e-passport Pakistan service will soon be made available to all citizens of the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT). The program will be expanded to additional U.S. cities over time.

A citizen only needs to visit the passport office once to renew their passport, thanks to the online passport renewal system. Online application submission is quick and simple. Your online application will allow you to upload any necessary paperwork for review.

In Pakistan, the government has just released an electronic passport system.

In Pakistan, the government has just released an electronic passport system.

E-Passport: what is it?

The electronic chip in an e-passport is used to store the holder’s biometric data and is implanted in one of the passport pages. Biometric information from the passport’s data page, as well as a unique identification number and digital signature, are stored in chips that are used to verify the passport’s owner’s identity. Pakistan’s forthcoming electronic passports would adhere to the International Civil Aviation Organization’s standards.

Online Passport Payment for Pakistan

  • A 36-page electronic passport valid for 5 years:
  • Normal rate: PKR 9000
  • Fee for urgency is PKR 15,000.
  • 36-page, digital passport valid for 10 years:
  • The standard rate is PKR 13,500.
  • Expediting costs of PKR 22,500
  • For a 72-page, 5-year electronic passport:
  • Normal rate: PKR 16,500
  • Overnight charge of PKR 27,500
  • 72-page digital passport valid for 10 years:
  • Normal price is PKR 24,750.
  • Rush cost of PKR 40,500

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Pros of the Pakistani electronic passport

More than 150 countries are currently making use of the electronic passport. More and more nations are adopting e-passports as a means of bolstering border security in response to rising concerns about illegal immigration. Citizens of 191 countries can apply for visas to Pakistan online. E-passport holders from Pakistan are eligible to use the e-gate service at any airport in the globe.

The current manual system’s bottlenecks will be eliminated, making it easier for Pakistani applicants to submit their applications online. The e-passport’s multiple security features mean that rewarding Pakistanis living abroad is good for the country as a whole. In addition, applying for a passport online from the convenience of your own home eliminates the need to wait in a long line.

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