Benazir Ehsaas Program Registration New Update 2023-24

In a concerted effort, Benazir and the Ehsaas program are collaborating to implement the Benazir Ehsaas Program. The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), which was launched in 2018 based on the Benazir Feeling Program, aims to mitigate the adverse effects of the economic slowdown in Pakistan and address the economic challenges the country faces.

The Economic Crisis in Pakistan

Currently, Pakistan is grappling with a severe economic crisis, marked by a significant increase in prices of essential goods, making them unaffordable for a vast segment of the population. In fact, the cost of basic necessities has soared to a level unseen in the past 30 years. To combat this crisis, the Benazir Ehsaas Program has been initiated, aiming to provide financial support to impoverished and deserving women and their families across the country. Importantly, this support extends to individuals irrespective of their color, political affiliation, or religious beliefs.

Empowering Economically Weaker Women

The Benazir Ehsaas Program primarily targets economically disadvantaged women whose livelihoods are uncertain. The program’s overarching goal is to alleviate poverty and empower women economically.

Benazir (BISP) Program Goals

  1. Increasing Financial Capacity: A fundamental objective of the program is to enhance the financial capacity of impoverished individuals and their sponsored families.
  2. Developing Policies for the Underprivileged: The program seeks to establish and implement comprehensive policies for the development of backward and impoverished sections of society.
  3. Reducing Poverty: A core mission of the Benazir Ehsaas Program is to reduce poverty and promote the equitable distribution of wealth, particularly among low-income families.

Data Collection for Poverty Alleviation

The BISP has been actively involved in collecting data on the poorest households in Pakistan. This data, acquired through comprehensive surveys of these vulnerable households, serves as the foundation for eradicating poverty and shaping social protection development policies and programs. These surveys have been conducted in collaboration with international organizations, ensuring a robust and credible dataset.

BISP Ehsaas Program

To execute its mission, the BISP operates through 33 divisional offices and 385 Tehsil offices aimed at poverty eradication. The program’s central headquarters is located in Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital city.

Ehsaas Program and the Fight Against Poverty

The Ehsaas program was initiated following the BISP program, and it came into being during the tenure of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government in 2019. The impetus for its creation was the significant increase in poverty due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At that time, the poverty rate had surged to nearly 20%. In response, the Ehsaas program was launched, incorporating various initiatives such as sponsorship, emergency cash disbursement, and other programs to combat poverty effectively.

EHSAAS Program: Providing Financial Relief

Under the EHSAAS program, deserving families were provided with financial assistance in the form of a monthly stipend. Originally set at Rs 12,000, the program was revised to Rs 14,000 by the Prime Minister, reflecting the urgency of addressing the basic needs of the impoverished population.

Benazir EHSAAS Program

With the change in government after Imran Khan’s tenure, the Ehsaas program was transformed into the Benazir-e-Azam program. This new program represents a merger of the Benazir and Ehsaas initiatives, consolidating their efforts in combating poverty.

BISP Online Registration

Initially, BISP teams used to conduct registrations in homes. However, the program has now transitioned to a more streamlined process. Individuals interested in registering for the Benazir Income Support Program can now visit dedicated program offices for registration. Additionally, there’s an option for BISP 9000 Online Registration.

BISP Registration through Web Portal

Registration for the Benazir Ehsaas program can now be accomplished online through a dedicated web portal. The government has introduced this feature, allowing individuals to register using their National Identity Card (NIC). After registration, applicants will receive notifications about their eligibility status via SMS.

BISP 8171 Online Apply

An online application process has been introduced for individuals seeking access to the BISP portal. To apply online, you can visit the portal for BISP 8171 Online Application. You need to enter your National Identity Card (CNIC) number, and upon submission, you will be provided with further instructions.

BISP Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the BISP are as follows:

  • Your poverty score is less than 5% of your monthly income.
  • You are a widowed woman.
  • You have been affected by a flood.
  • You do not hold any government job.
  • You are a disabled person.

BISP Check by SMS

Checking your eligibility for the BISP has been made convenient through SMS. To check your eligibility, follow these steps:

  1. Open your mobile message box.
  2. Write your 14-digit National ID card number in the message.
  3. Send the message to the designated number (usually 5).
  4. After a brief wait, you will receive a notification regarding your eligibility.

In conclusion, the Benazir Ehsaas Program Online Registration is a vital step in providing support to the economically vulnerable in Pakistan, enabling them to lead more dignified lives. If you are interested in this program and want to learn more, please visit the official website here.


1. Who is eligible for the Benazir Ehsaas Program?

  • Individuals with a poverty score of less than 5% of their monthly income, widowed women, flood-affected people, those without government jobs, and disabled individuals are eligible.

2. What is the Ehsaas program’s mission?

  • The Ehsaas program aims to strengthen poor families and combat poverty through various initiatives and assistance.

3. How has the EHSAAS program adapted to changing economic conditions?

  • In response to rising inflation, the program increased the stipend amount to better meet the basic needs of the impoverished.

4. Can I check my eligibility for BISP through SMS?

  • Yes, you can check your eligibility by sending your 14-digit National ID card number to the designated SMS number.

5. What is the significance of the Benazir-e-Azam program?

  • The Benazir-e-Azam program represents the merger of Benazir and Ehsaas initiatives, strengthening their efforts to combat poverty effectively.

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